Config Overview

Foundry's configuration system allows you to configure its tools.


Configuration can be arbitrarily namespaced into profiles. The default profile is named default, and all other profiles inherit values from this profile. Profiles are defined in the profile map.

To add a profile named local, you would add:


You can select the profile to use by setting the FOUNDRY_PROFILE environment variable.

Global configuration

You can create a foundry.toml file in your home folder to configure Foundry globally.

Environment variables

Configuration can be overriden with FOUNDRY_ and DAPP_ prefixed environment variables.

Exceptions are:


Configuration format

Configuration files are written in the TOML format, with simple key-value pairs inside of sections.

This page describes each configuration key in detail. To see the default values, either refer to the specific key in this document, or see the default config.

Configuration keys

This section documents all configuration keys. All configuration keys must live under a profile, such as default.