forge install

Install one or multiple dependencies.

$ forge install --help
Usage: forge install [OPTIONS] [DEPENDENCIES]...
    forge install [OPTIONS] <github username>/<github project>@<tag>...
    forge install [OPTIONS] <alias>=<github username>/<github project>@<tag>...
    forge install [OPTIONS] <https:// git url>...

          The dependencies to install.
          A dependency can be a raw URL, or the path to a GitHub repository.
          Additionally, a ref can be provided by adding @ to the dependency path.
          A ref can be: - A branch: master - A tag: v1.2.3 - A commit: 8e8128
          Target installation directory can be added via `<alias>=` suffix. The dependency will installed to `lib/<alias>`.

      --root <PATH>
          The project's root path.
          By default root of the Git repository, if in one, or the current working directory.

          Perform shallow clones instead of deep ones.
          Improves performance and reduces disk usage, but prevents switching branches or tags.

          Install without adding the dependency as a submodule

          Do not create a commit

  -q, --quiet
          Do not print any messages

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')