forge clone

Clone a contract from Etherscan

$ forge clone --help
Usage: forge clone [OPTIONS] <ADDRESS> [PATH]

          The contract address to clone

          The root directory of the cloned project
          [default: .]

          Do not generate the remappings.txt file. Instead, keep the remappings in the configuration

          Keep the original directory structure collected from Etherscan.
          If this flag is set, the directory structure of the cloned project will be kept as is. By
          default, the directory structure is re-orgnized to increase the readability, but may risk
          some compilation failures.

  -e, --etherscan-api-key <KEY>
          The Etherscan (or equivalent) API key
          [env: ETHERSCAN_API_KEY=]

  -c, --chain <CHAIN>
          The chain name or EIP-155 chain ID
          [env: CHAIN=]

          Perform shallow clones instead of deep ones.
          Improves performance and reduces disk usage, but prevents switching branches or tags.

          Install without adding the dependency as a submodule

          Do not create a commit

  -q, --quiet
          Do not print any messages

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')