Build, test, fuzz, debug and deploy Solidity contracts

$ forge --help
Usage: forge <COMMAND>

  bind               Generate Rust bindings for smart contracts
  build              Build the project's smart contracts [aliases: b, compile]
  cache              Manage the Foundry cache
  clean              Remove the build artifacts and cache directories [aliases: cl]
  completions        Generate shell completions script [aliases: com]
  config             Display the current config [aliases: co]
  coverage           Generate coverage reports
  create             Deploy a smart contract [aliases: c]
  debug              Debugs a single smart contract as a script [aliases: d]
  doc                Generate documentation for the project
  flatten            Flatten a source file and all of its imports into one file [aliases: f]
  fmt                Format Solidity source files
  geiger             Detects usage of unsafe cheat codes in a project and its dependencies
  generate           Generate scaffold files
  generate-fig-spec  Generate Fig autocompletion spec [aliases: fig]
  help               Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
  init               Create a new Forge project
  inspect            Get specialized information about a smart contract [aliases: in]
  install            Install one or multiple dependencies [aliases: i]
  remappings         Get the automatically inferred remappings for the project [aliases: re]
  remove             Remove one or multiple dependencies [aliases: rm]
  script             Run a smart contract as a script, building transactions that can be sent onchain
  selectors          Function selector utilities [aliases: se]
  snapshot           Create a snapshot of each test's gas usage [aliases: s]
  test               Run the project's tests [aliases: t]
  tree               Display a tree visualization of the project's dependency graph [aliases: tr]
  update             Update one or multiple dependencies [aliases: u]
  verify-check       Check verification status on Etherscan [aliases: vc]
  verify-contract    Verify smart contracts on Etherscan [aliases: v]

  -h, --help     Print help
  -V, --version  Print version

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