cast receipt

Get the transaction receipt for a transaction

$ cast receipt --help
Usage: cast receipt [OPTIONS] <TX_HASH> [FIELD]

          The transaction hash

          If specified, only get the given field of the transaction

      --confirmations <CONFIRMATIONS>
          The number of confirmations until the receipt is fetched
          [default: 1]

          Exit immediately if the transaction was not found
          [env: CAST_ASYNC=]

  -r, --rpc-url <URL>
          The RPC endpoint
          [env: ETH_RPC_URL=]

          Use the Flashbots RPC URL with fast mode ( This shares the transaction privately with all registered builders.

      --jwt-secret <JWT_SECRET>
          JWT Secret for the RPC endpoint.
          The JWT secret will be used to create a JWT for a RPC. For example, the following can be used to simulate a CL `engine_forkchoiceUpdated` call:
          cast rpc --jwt-secret <JWT_SECRET> engine_forkchoiceUpdatedV2 '["0x6bb38c26db65749ab6e472080a3d20a2f35776494e72016d1e339593f21c59bc", "0x6bb38c26db65749ab6e472080a3d20a2f35776494e72016d1e339593f21c59bc",
          [env: ETH_RPC_JWT_SECRET=]

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')

Display options:
  -j, --json
          Print as JSON