cast proof


cast-proof - Generate a storage proof for a given storage slot.


cast proof [options] address [slots…]


Generate a storage proof for a given storage slot.

The address (address) can be an ENS name or an address.

The displayed output is a JSON object with the following keys:

  • accountProof: Proof for the account itself
  • address: The address of the account
  • balance: The balance of the account
  • codeHash: A hash of the account’s code
  • nonce: The nonce of the account
  • storageHash: A hash of the account’s storage
  • storageProof: An array of storage proofs, one for each requested slot
  • storageProof.key: The slot
  • storageProof.proof: The proof for the slot
  • storageProof.value: The value of the slot


Query Options

-B block
--block block
    The block height you want to query at.

    Can be a block number, or any of the tags: earliest, finalized, safe, latest or pending.

RPC Options

--rpc-url url
    The RPC endpoint. Accepts a URL or an existing alias in the [rpc_endpoints] table, like mainnet.     Environment: ETH_RPC_URL

Display Options

     Print the deployment information as JSON.

Common Options

    Prints help information.


  1. Get the proof for storage slot 0 on the WETH contract:
    cast proof 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2 0


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