cast call


cast-call - Perform a call on an account without publishing a transaction.


cast call [options] to sig [args…]


Perform a call on an account without publishing a transaction.

The destination (to) can be an ENS name or an address.

The signature (sig) can be:

  • A fragment: someFunction(uint256,bytes32)
  • A selector and encoded calldata: 0xcdba2fd40000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007a69
  • Only the function name: in this case Cast will try to fetch the function signature from Etherscan


    Prints traces for the transaction.

    Opens an interactive debugger with the transaction. Needs --trace.

--labels <address:label>
    Labels to apply to the traces, with the format address:label. Needs --trace.

    The EVM version to use. Needs --trace.

Query Options

-B block
--block block
    The block height you want to query at.

    Can be a block number, or any of the tags: earliest, finalized, safe, latest or pending.


--interactive <NUM>
     Open an interactive prompt to enter your private key. Takes a value for the number of keys to enter.
     Defaults to 0.

--mnemonic-derivation-path <PATHS>
     The wallet derivation path. Works with both --mnemonic-path and hardware wallets.

--mnemonic-indexes <INDEXES>
     Use the private key from the given mnemonic index. Used with --mnemonic-paths.
     Defaults to 0.

--mnemonic-passphrase <PASSPHRASE>
     Use a BIP39 passphrases for the mnemonic.

--mnemonic <PATHS>
     Use the mnemonic phrases or mnemonic files at the specified paths.

--private-key <RAW_PRIVATE_KEY>
     Use the provided private key.

--private-keys <RAW_PRIVATE_KEYS>
     Use the provided private keys.

Wallet Options - Keystore

--keystore path
    Use the keystore in the given folder or file.
    Environment: ETH_KEYSTORE

--account account-name
    Use a keystore from the default keystores folder (~/.foundry/keystores) by its filename.


--password password
    The keystore password. Used with --keystore.     Environment: ETH_PASSWORD

Wallet Options - Hardware Wallet

    Use a Trezor hardware wallet.

    Use a Ledger hardware wallet.

Wallet Options - Remote

-f address
--from address
    Sign the transaction with the specified account on the RPC.
    Environment: ETH_FROM

RPC Options

--rpc-url url
    The RPC endpoint. Accepts a URL or an existing alias in the [rpc_endpoints] table, like mainnet.     Environment: ETH_RPC_URL

    Use the Flashbots RPC URL (

Etherscan Options

--chain chain_name
    The Etherscan chain.

--etherscan-api-key key
    Etherscan API key, or the key of an Etherscan configuration table.
    Environment: ETHERSCAN_API_KEY

Common Options

    Prints help information.


  1. Call balanceOf(address) on the WETH contract:

    cast call 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2 \
      "balanceOf(address)(uint256)" 0x...
  2. Call tokenURI(uint256)(string) on the Tubby Cats NFT contract:

    export CONTRACT=0xca7ca7bcc765f77339be2d648ba53ce9c8a262bd
    export TOKEN_ID=19938
    cast call $CONTRACT "tokenURI(uint256)(string)" $TOKEN_ID
  3. Call getAmountsOut(uint,address[]) on the Uniswap v2 router contract:

    cast call 0x7a250d5630B4cF539739dF2C5dAcb4c659F2488D \
     "getAmountsOut(uint,address[])" 1 "[0x6b...0f,0xc0...c2]"


cast, cast send, cast publish, cast receipt