Overview of Chisel

Chisel is an advanced Solidity REPL shipped with Foundry. It can be used to quickly test the behavior of Solidity snippets on a local or forked network.

Chisel is part of the Foundry suite and is installed alongside forge, cast, and anvil. If you haven’t installed Foundry yet, see Foundry installation.

Note: If you have an older version of Foundry installed, you’ll need to re-install foundryup in order for Chisel to be downloaded.

How to use Chisel

To use Chisel, simply type chisel. From there, start writing Solidity code! Chisel will offer verbose feedback on each input.

Chisel can be used both within and outside of a foundry project. If the binary is executed in a Foundry project root, Chisel will inherit the project’s configuration options.

To see available commands, type !help within the REPL.

📚 Reference

See the chisel Reference for in depth information on Chisel and its capabilities.