function toString(address) external returns (string memory);
function toString(bool) external returns (string memory);
function toString(uint256) external returns (string memory);
function toString(int256) external returns (string memory);
function toString(bytes32) external returns (string memory);
function toString(bytes) external returns (string memory);


Convert any type to it's string version. Very useful for operations that demand strings, such as the cheatcode ffi.

Bytes are converted to a string of their hex representation with 0x at the start, signifying that they are encoded in hex.


uint256 number = 420;
string memory stringNumber = vm.toString(number);
vm.assertEq(stringNumber, "420");
bytes memory testBytes = hex"7109709ECfa91a80626fF3989D68f67F5b1DD12D";
string memory stringBytes = cheats.toString(testBytes);
assertEq("0x7109709ecfa91a80626ff3989d68f67f5b1dd12d", stringBytes);
address testAddress =  0x7109709ECfa91a80626fF3989D68f67F5b1DD12D;
string memory stringAddress = cheats.toString(testAddress);
assertEq("0x7109709ECfa91a80626fF3989D68f67F5b1DD12D", stringAddress);