// Returns the URL for a configured alias
function rpcUrl(string calldata alias) external returns(string memory);
// Returns all configured (alias, URL) pairs
function rpcUrls() external returns(string[2][] memory);


Provides cheatcodes to access all RPC endpoints configured in the rpc_endpoints object of the foundry.toml


The following rpc_endpoints in foundry.toml registers two RPC aliases:

  • optimism references the URL directly
  • mainnet references the RPC_MAINNET environment value that is expected to contain the actual URL

Env variables need to be wrapped in ${}

# --snip--
optimism = ""
mainnet = "${RPC_MAINNET}" 
string memory url = vm.rpcUrl("optimism");
assertEq(url, "");

If a ENV var is missing, rpcUrl() will revert:

vm.expectRevert("Failed to resolve env var `${RPC_MAINNET}` in `RPC_MAINNET`: environment variable not found");
string memory url = vm.rpcUrl("mainnet");

Retrieve all available alias -> URL pairs

string[2][] memory allUrls = vm.rpcUrls();
assertEq(allUrls.length, 2);

string[2] memory val = allUrls[0];
assertEq(val[0], "optimism");

string[2] memory env = allUrls[1];
assertEq(env[0], "mainnet");


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