function getDeployedCode(string calldata) external returns (bytes memory);


This cheatcode works similar to getCode but only returns the deployed bytecode (aka runtime bytecode) for a contract in the project given the path to the contract.

The main use case for this cheat code is as a shortcut to deploy stateless contracts to arbitrary addresses.

The calldata parameter can either be in the form ContractFile.sol (if the filename and contract name are the same) , ContractFile.sol:ContractName, or the path to an artifact, relative to the root of your project.

ℹ️ Note

getDeployedCode requires read permission for the output directory, see file cheatcodes.

To grant read access set fs_permissions = [{ access = "read", path = "./out"}] in your foundry.toml.


Deploy a stateless contract at an arbitrary address using getDeployedCode and etch.

// A stateless contract that we want deployed at a specific address
contract Override {
    event Payload(address sender, address target, bytes data);

    function emitPayload(
        address target, bytes calldata message
    ) external payable returns (uint256) {
        emit Payload(msg.sender, target, message);
        return 0;

// get the **deployedBytecode**
bytes memory code = vm.getDeployedCode("Override.sol:Override");

// set the code of an arbitrary address
address overrideAddress = address(64);
vm.etch(overrideAddress, code);
assertEq(overrideAddress.code, code);


Forge Standard Library

getCode etch