forge init

Create a new Forge project

$ forge init --help
Usage: forge init [OPTIONS] [PATH]

          The root directory of the new project
          [default: .]

  -t, --template <TEMPLATE>
          The template to start from

  -b, --branch <BRANCH>
          Branch argument that can only be used with template option. If not specified, the default branch is used

          Do not install dependencies from the network
          [aliases: no-deps]

          Create the project even if the specified root directory is not empty

          Create a .vscode/settings.json file with Solidity settings, and generate a remappings.txt file

          Perform shallow clones instead of deep ones.
          Improves performance and reduces disk usage, but prevents switching branches or tags.

          Install without adding the dependency as a submodule

          Do not create a commit

  -q, --quiet
          Do not print any messages

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')