Static Analyzers


To test your project using slither, here is a sample slither.config.json:

  "filter_paths": "lib"

To run Slither on the entire project, use this command in the root of the project:

slither .

By default (as of version 0.10.0), this will skip tests and scripts. To force inclusion of the tests and scripts, add the --foundry-compile-all flag.

To run Slither on a single file, use this command:

slither src/Contract.sol

Note, this requires configuring the solc version in the foundry config file.

You do not need to provide remappings via the solc_remaps option as Slither will automatically detect remappings in a Foundry project. Slither will invoke forge to perform the build.

See the Slither wiki for more information.

In order to use a custom configuration, such as the sample slither.config.json mentioned above, the following command is used as mentioned in the slither-wiki. By default slither looks for the slither.config.json but you can define the path and any other json file of your choice:

slither --config-file <path>/file.config.json .

Example output (Raw):

Pragma version^0.8.13 (Counter.sol#2) necessitates a version too recent to be trusted. Consider deploying with 0.6.12/0.7.6/0.8.7
solc-0.8.13 is not recommended for deployment

setNumber(uint256) should be declared external:
        - Counter.setNumber(uint256) (Counter.sol#7-9)
increment() should be declared external:
        - Counter.increment() (Counter.sol#11-13)
Counter.sol analyzed (1 contracts with 78 detectors), 4 result(s) found

Slither also has a GitHub Action for CI/CD.


To test your project using mythril, here is a sample mythril.config.json:

  "remappings": [
  "optimizer": {
    "enabled": true,
    "runs": 200

Note, you need switch rustc to nightly to install mythril:

rustup default nightly
pip3 install mythril
myth analyze src/Contract.sol --solc-json mythril.config.json

See the mythril docs for more information.

You can pass custom Solc compiler output to Mythril using the --solc-json flag. For example:

$ myth analyze src/Counter.sol --solc-json mythril.config.json
mythril.laser.plugin.loader [INFO]: Loading laser plugin: coverage
mythril.laser.plugin.loader [INFO]: Loading laser plugin: mutation-pruner
Achieved 11.56% coverage for code: 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
mythril.laser.plugin.plugins.coverage.coverage_plugin [INFO]: Achieved 90.13% coverage for code: 6080604052348015600f57600080fd5b5060043610603c5760003560e01c80633fb5c1cb1460415780638381f58a146053578063d09de08a14606d575b600080fd5b6051604c3660046083565b600055565b005b605b60005481565b60405190815260200160405180910390f35b6051600080549080607c83609b565b9190505550565b600060208284031215609457600080fd5b5035919050565b60006001820160ba57634e487b7160e01b600052601160045260246000fd5b506001019056fea2646970667358221220659fce8aadca285da9206b61f95de294d3958c409cc3011ded856f421885867464736f6c63430008100033
mythril.laser.plugin.plugins.instruction_profiler [INFO]: Total: 1.0892839431762695 s
[ADD         ]   0.9974 %,  nr      9,  total   0.0109 s,  avg   0.0012 s,  min   0.0011 s,  max   0.0013 s
[SWAP1       ]   1.8446 %,  nr     18,  total   0.0201 s,  avg   0.0011 s,  min   0.0010 s,  max   0.0013 s
[SWAP2       ]   0.8858 %,  nr      9,  total   0.0096 s,  avg   0.0011 s,  min   0.0010 s,  max   0.0011 s [INFO]: Starting analysis
mythril.mythril.mythril_analyzer [INFO]: Solver statistics: 
Query count: 61 
Solver time: 3.6820807456970215
The analysis was completed successfully. No issues were detected.

The findings will be listed at the end of this output if any. Since the default Counter.sol doesn’t have any logic, mythx reports that no issues were found.