function expectCall(address where, bytes calldata data) external;
function expectCall(
    address where,
    uint256 value,
    bytes calldata data
) external;


Expects at least one call to address where, where the call data either strictly or loosely matches data.

When a call is made to where the call data is first checked to see if it matches in its entirety with data. If not, the call data is checked to see if there is a partial match, with the match starting at the first byte of the call data.

Using the second signature we can also check if the call was made with the expected msg.value.

If the test terminates without the call being made, the test fails.

ℹ️ Internal calls

This cheatcode does not currently work on internal calls. See issue #432.


Expect that transfer is called on a token MyToken:

address alice = address(10);
  address(token), abi.encodeCall(token.transfer, (alice, 10))
token.transfer(alice, 10);
// [PASS]

Expect that pay is called on a Contract with a specific msg.value and calldata:

Contract target = new Contract();
            abi.encodeWithSelector(target.pay.selector, 2)
target.pay{value: 1}(2);
// [PASS]